The Uwell “Caliburn Family” is still expanding. Let’s welcome Caliburn GK2, an improved KOKO Prime, as the group’s eighth member. Additionally, it is the fourth pod in Uwell’s KOKO-shaped pod system. What has changed with the GK2? Look at this review, please.

Design & Appearance of Koko Gk2:

The Uwell Caliburn GK2 is made of a sturdy zinc alloy material and is intended to be portable while producing mouthwatering flavor and vapors. If you need a kit you can carry with you wherever you go, this one is the best choice because it weighs only 45.2g in total and comes with a lanyard.

Mod in Koko Gk2:

It has KOKO-shaped light bars that emit light in various colors and intensities, and it has different vibration modes. Vapers will have a better interactive experience with these two designs.
The GK2 uses a 690mAh internal battery with a maximum 18W power output, just like the Caliburn KOKO Prime. Additionally, it has a draw-activated firing mechanism that works without any buttons

Cartridge in Koko Gk2:

The Caliburn G2 cartridge, which is used with the GK2, has an adjustable gear wheel at the bottom. For simple e-liquid level checking, the mod has a big window and the cartridge is transparent. You can refill the e-liquid without taking out the cartridge thanks to its top filling design, which is practical and hygienic. There is no need to be concerned about dirty hands.

Coils in Koko Gk2:

Three Caliburn G series coils—the G2 1.2 meshed coil, the G 0.8 meshed coil, and the G 1.0 coil—are compatible with the GK2. Two mesh coils measuring 1.2 and 0.8 mm are included in the kit. There are more flavors options available for vapers.

Main Features by Caliburn for Koko Gk2:

  • Top-filling G2 cartridge with an airflow wheel at the bottom and an e-liquid window
  • Compatible with the three 0.8-, 1.0-, and 1.2-ohm Caliburn G series coils
  • Eye-catching design: the KOKO-shaped light emits various colors at various intensities.

What things you can you get with GK2 Pod Kit?

  • A Caliburn GK2 Pod System
  • A UN2 Meshed-H 1.2Ω Caliburn G2 Coil
  • A UN2 Meshed-H 0.8Ω Caliburn G2 Coil
  • A User Manual
  • A Type-C Charging Cable
  • A Lanyard

Is Koko Gk2 Budget Friendly?

The Koko Gk2 Pod is a cutting-edge and reasonably priced vaping gadget, and BestVapeMart is currently giving a great bargain on it. This gadget is easy to use, with a long-lasting battery life, and a beautiful look. Additionally, it has wattage options that you can change to suit your preferences. The Koko Gk2 Pod from BestVapeMart is the ideal option for any vaper searching for an effective and cost-effective device because to its modern technology and competitive price.