One box  come with:
– 2 pcs Bold Pod


– Mesh Coil

– Adjustable Air Flow

– Rubber Plug

– 3ML Capacity


Depuff Curve pod Price in Pakistan

  • Depuff Curve Pod/Vape Price in Pakistan: Priced affordably at just 2800 PKR, the Depuff Curve Pod/Vape offers an exceptional vaping experience for enthusiasts, combining quality and affordability.

Premium Quality:

  • Crafted for vape lovers who appreciate premium quality, the Depuff Curve Pod/Vape ensures a satisfying vaping experience with top-notch materials and construction.

depuff pod

depuff pod

depuff pod

Starter Kit Contents:

  • One box starter kit includes:
    • 1 Device: The main vaping unit.
    • Empty Cartridge (3ML Each): Providing ample capacity for your preferred e-liquid.
    • 1 USB Type C: For convenient and fast charging.
    • QR Code to User Guide: Accessible instructions for easy setup and usage.

Battery Performance:

  • 600 mAh Battery: The powerful battery ensures long-lasting usage, allowing users to enjoy their vaping sessions without frequent recharging.

Pod Features:

  • Mesh Coil: The included mesh coil enhances vapor production and flavor for a rich and enjoyable experience.
  • Adjustable Air Flow: Customize your vaping experience with adjustable air flow, allowing users to find their preferred draw resistance.
  • Rubber Plug: Ensures a secure seal for the cartridge, preventing leaks and maintaining the integrity of your e-liquid.
  • 3ML Capacity: Generous pod capacity accommodates a sufficient amount of e-liquid for extended vaping sessions.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper, the Depuff Curve Pod/Vape delivers a well-rounded package, combining affordability, quality, and user-friendly features for a satisfying vaping experience in Pakistan.


Depuff Curve Pod | Depuff Refillable Pod | Depuff Pod Price in Pakistan

Depuff Pod Coil Price in Pakistan 800.

Depuff Pod Tank Price in Pakistan 800.


Single, Pack of 2


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